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The Discarded: A Tale of Two Rios

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Not all that Glitters is Gold

When the world descends on Brazil this August for the Olympics, they are going to get more than they bargained for. Shopping carts and couches, offensive odors and a web of plastic pollution blanket the once iconic landscape of Guanabara Bay.

Sound Off Films' founder Annie Costner, has been traveling back and forth to Rio since 2011. Intrigued by the waste issue and determined to tell the locals' side of the story—which extends beyond the concerns of international athletes competing in this summer's Olympics—she started asking questions.

  • How does 22% of the population still lack waste removal and basic sanitation services?
  • What are some alternative community-level solutions that could be implemented to reduce waste?
  • What happens when the Olympics are over, the concern for international athletes has abated, and the media leaves?
  • Who will protect these waters and restore them for generations to come?
  • Will biodiversity ever return to the bay?

With your support, The Discarded will answer these questions, and more.


Plastic Pollution Coalition and Sailors for the Sea, along with other generous individuals, raised the funds necessary to send Sound Off to Rio to tell this story.

With your help we can finish the film, and be part of the solution.

The film will define the scope of the problem and tell this story from the perspective of community members and activists who desire lasting change, such as Arthur, a young sailor featured in the trailer. We will also document community-level waste collection centers, and other solutions that can be scaled, as examples of the real and prosperous future that is possible for the citizens of Rio, who call the Bay their home.

$34,000 USD needed to complete the film.

Dianna Cohen/ Plastic Pollution Coalition
Jennifer Nolan/ legaSeas
Rod Lake
David Rockefeller Jr./ Sailors for the Sea
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Annie Costner (Co-Director/ Producer) and Adrienne Hall (Producer) met while working on the feature documentary Racing Extinction, the highly-anticipated follow-up to The Cove. They became roommates, co-founded Mosaic of Change, a non-profit digital media partnership with UNESCO, and then founded their own production company together in 2014. Sound Off Films collaborates with nonprofits and big brands to tell real, compelling stories.

Carla Toledo Dauden (Co-Director/ Producer) is an LA-based director/ producer, originally from São Paolo, Brazil. Her short film, No, I'm not going to the World Cup, was viewed 4.4 million times on YouTube, and helped spark a wave of constructive criticism against the wasteful spending, and collateral damage caused by elaborate and immediate infrastructure needs for the international event.

Filipe Bessa (Director of Photography) is a Director of Photography and Camera Operator with extensive experience spanning from documentaries and reality TV to commercials and narrative features. He has served as DP on shows for the National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel, Animal Planet and TLC, among others, and has worked with clients such as Red Bull, ESPN, Vans, GE, Skype, Google, Kino Lorber and Malibu Rum as well as recording artists Pokey LaFarge and Misty Boyce. Filipe is a native of Belo Horizonte, Brazil and a graduate of the College of Motion Picture Arts at Florida State University.

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